Life happens


An iPhone note journal entry on survival/ changes. There’s this thing my brain does when things get hard or life throws something new and unexpected my way. I panic for maybe 5 minutes tops, and then, I go into survival mode. It’s almost robotic. What can be done? How can this be handled? I think it comes from not having the luxury to feel sorry for myself. It truly is a luxury to wallow, but I also wonder what softness I may have passed up to be this. I think to some it makes me insensitive. I don’t allow feeling sorry for myself, and I don’t feel sorry for others. I always use the empty pantry metaphor. I’m the person you want on your side when your pantry looks bare. We can’t cry because there’s nothing there — we might starve to death in the time it takes us to cry about it. Instead, let’s take stock of what we have and make it work. We can always make it work.



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