Way to put yourself in a better mood


 I love yoga and essential oils

If you come to my place 80% of the time you’ll find Tulip (My favorite)

 Diptyque, origins, Aveda candles are what I use the most

I use young living essential oils

It’s new years, new month and new week, so start right. If constantly talking about stress and complaining only amplified my misery, it is my theory that talking about just the good things (no matter how big or how small) will amplify my happiness.

I’m constantly reminded of how important self care is. My body reminds me when I need to take some time for myself. Although, I believe that we all need to take time out for ourselves regardless of what your career path is. Life has its own stressors, and sometimes we need a little time out for to regroup. As easy as that sounds, it’s not as easy for all of us to take some time out for ourselves. With the holiday season coming to an end, I wanna explore this topic here on the blog and share with you guys how I indulge in self care. I’d also love to hear from you guys how you take care a little time out for yourself.

Here’s some ways to put yourself in a better mood:

  1. BOOKS
     I love finding books. In fact, I think I’ll start planting books around the city. Goals. I Love Books that Inspire me.

  2. Organize:
    Rearrange some furniture. Changing an environment can help me feel refreshed, enabling me to bust out of a negative mood.

  3. Declutter:
    Getting organized can help us feel instantly calmer.

  4. Eat for a positive mood:
    When I eat well, I feel good.

  5. Move/ Workout:
    Do yoga, take a short walk, do some jumping jacks, run in place, dance around your room, or go for a bike ride. It can be effective in reducing stress and lifting your spirits. Might be the answer for a brighter day.

  6. Light a candle:
    Flickering flames can burn away stress and help us feel better all around.

  7. Count your blessings:
    Think about or write down what you’re thankful for. Even if there’s not time to write down everything, expressing gratitude creates an instant mood boost.

  8. Be Kind
    Kindness is probably what helped me put that mega monster of miserableness back in its place.

  9. Go somewhere quiet:
    Taking a few minutes to sit in a quiet with no external stimulation can do wonders for a bad mood.

  10. Get some sun:
    A boost of vitamin D

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