Early 20’s

One of my favorite expressions is “If I only knew then what I know now”… so I thought I’d just write it down. I wanted to share 27 things I learned in my early 20’s. For anyone younger listening and for anyone older who might like to share with me their lessons so that my next years are just as bright… I hope you find it helpful, and I’d love to know some of the things you’ve learned in your lifetime.


  1. Have a dream. Follow your dreams.
  2. Don’t live in your feelings
  3. Failures are not mistakes, only the lessons that give us stories.
  4. GO WITH YOUR GUT. Always, always, always.
  5. Learn to LOVE!
  6. “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” That is what I think every time I get a “little nervous”. We don’t know what is about to happen so we can’t live our lives as if we do.
  7. You never know what someone is dealing with personally so be KIND.
  8. Knowledge is power and opportunity. Opportunity is everything. 
  9. You never stop learning.
  10. You may end up loving the things you once hated.
  11. Do what you love for a living so you can love what you do. It’s the only time we’ve got, might as well spend it as well as possible.
  12. It is the things that people make look easy that are the hardest to do.
  13. Never be afraid to try something new.
  14. Talk about what you love.
  15. Giving is better than receiving.
  16. Best friends are the keepers of your life’s memories. Make time for memories.
  17. I would rather be in a room full of kings, than be king of the room.
  18. There’s no free lunch in nature.
  19. Life is too short for bad: coffee, food, people.
  20. Your dreams can and should change.
  21. Women get more beautiful with age.
  22. The world is not as bad a place as the news can lead you to believe.
  24. Don’t be in a hurry to graduate college, get a job, get married, have babies. Have the freedom to spend your 20s exploring yourself and the world around you.
  25. Perfection is boring.
  26. Like attracts like. Create the kind of work you want to keep creating. Work with the kinds of people you want to keep working with. Surround yourself with people you believe in.
  27. Only the best is good enough.

Love – Faduma






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