I kicked off the New Year in the Middle East and it was everything I imagined. Dubai is a crazy metropolis city kind of like Vegas and Disney world minus the alcohol gambling and Mickey Mouse. There’re so many skyscrapers in Dubai with a surrounding desert and the biggest of everything in the world, including the tallest building, hotels, soon to be the biggest airport and mall.

I’ve always seen Dubai as an exotic destination and indeed it is. Everything in Dubai is massive if you can think it, they can build it. Dubai is famously known in the palm islands, which I didn’t get a chance to go see, but they’re men-made islands in the shape of a palm tree which houses multimillion dollar villas and islands shaped like countries around the world.

Dubai is pretty relaxing and it has one of the best shopping mecca I’ve ever experienced. The restaurants have a great view of the city so you can enjoy a nice meal with a lovely backdrop. At night it really comes to life. There’s lots of people walking around watching the water show or enjoying a nice dinner.

When you go to Dubai desert safari is a must. These tours are usually packaged together inclusive of an off road adventure, camel ride and an Arabic dinner underneath the stars while belly dancers entertain you. It’s an awesome experience and a great way to immerse yourself in the Middle Eastern culture.

 The highlight of Abu Dhabi and even Dubai for me has to be visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It’s a structure like no other. The mosque is so beautifully detailed and as grand as its name. The mosque has some very strict rules. Women must be covered from head to toe with only loose clothing nothing tight. The hair, especially, must be covered It’s considered pretty scared in Islamic belief

My trip to Dubai was so unique I got a glimpse of the future with all the construction projects and luxury landscapes. Yet the people, despite how quickly their home was growing still managed to maintain their culture and traditions. It was really cool to witness first hand what one of the richest nations had to offer. Dubai you did it best! Thanks for the memories.







Dubai mall

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Spice shopping in the souk

   Dancing water show



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