Favorite Spices

Cooking without spices is like having a dance party without music The two just must go together. Aside from adding tons of flavor to any dish you’re whipping up, spices are a low-calorie (usually zero-calorie) way to add a little extra zest to your favorite food. Experimenting with different spices can help your taste buds decide which ones go well together and which ones are better on their own. And to boot, there are tons of health benefits that come with many commonly used spices. Even spices as simple as salt and pepper can do a body good.
Today I’ll be telling you a bit about those benefits, so take a peek below and get ready to get spicy…
 My favorite Spices to keep on Hand:
Turmeric –is one of my favorite ingredients to add to my fresh squeezed juices because it adds a little zing to the flavor. Nowadays the benefits of turmeric are everywhere, but I just love the range of dishes it can flavor. Rice dishes, to flavor meat and fish, or to transform veggies.
Ginger – Ginger itself has many health benefits, and since it plays an important role in the flavor. I love how ginger adds a sweet-but-spicy kick to my tea, green juices, and smoothies. It has a strong smell and taste, but it can work wonders on an upset stomach or indigestion.
Ground Cumin – Great on both veggies and meat, this spice is versatile but intense, and you’ll find that a small jar lasts forever.
Saffron – Saffron may be one of the most expensive spices out there, but it’s also one of my favorites.
 Curry Powder – is a little different in that it is a blend of spices (you can even make your own). Exactly why it’s essential to have on hand – this powder is doing the work of many, making it easy to flavor meals.
 Cayenne Pepper – It’s easy to fold this spice into a dish to give it a kick, and a little goes a long way. A pinch of cayenne was delish in my turkey chili. Cayenne pepper, also helps to stimulate circulation, neutralize acidity in your body’s pH levels, and can even help with migraines.
Paprika – This spice varies in taste because it can be made from many ground up peppers. It’s very common in spice blends and just about every region of the world uses it in its cuisine.
CardamomCardamom, has so many health benefits that it is seen in some cultures as a natural medicine for ulcers, digestive problems, and even depression. Eating this spice will help to detoxify your kidneys, fight a cold or flu, and even to cure hiccups. I love the flavor of cardamom in tea.
Black Pepper – Black pepper is so commonly used that you probably wouldn’t even think it has health benefits. Black pepper has also shown to have antioxidant and antibiotic benefits. So, don’t be afraid to add a little shake of black pepper at your next meal.
 What is your favorite spice to use when cooking?



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