Essential oils

My favorite

I’ve always adored essential oils. ANY thing: a cold, the terrible approach of acne, a scrape or cut… even a bad mood. There’s always an essential oil.

I started my journey with essential oils over seven years ago and have been a fan of natural healing and health capabilities ever since. They’re a beautiful necessity and also perfect for overall health, especially living in a cold climate and it seemed like colds and flus are more commonly passed around in those chilled winter months.

I love using essential oil because it helps me manage pain from my rheumatoid arthritis muscle soreness and aches, immune support, congestion, and the virtually endless list. Also balance hormones and enable my body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to function properly, to find natural, holistic alternatives that are not only safe, but effective.

Essential oils don’t just mask symptoms. They bring therapeutic change to the body at a cellular level, dealing with the root issue and supporting your system as a whole. Because of legalities, I can’t tell you that oils will “cure, treat or prevent” issues you may be facing, but I can give you testimonies about how oils have been life-changing. It creates a healthy home life for families in a modern way using ancient techniques.

If you’d like to know more about natural essential Oils – email me. We have to look out for each other, it’s a crazy world of chemicals out there! And as always, remember beauty is on the inside. When you can love yourself, it shines outward. Beauty starts in your heart and ends in the way you live.

Love x Faduma



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