Yes, you have time to eat better and exercise!

Excuses are awesome, aren’t they? Letting you get away with doing nothing about a problem and still feel self-righteous about it. What’s not to love?
I’ve heard them all: “I can’t exercise because I can’t afford a gym membership.” 
“I’m too tired to work out today.”
“Eating healthy is expensive, and I’m on a tight budget.”
“There just isn’t enough time in the day.”
Yes, yes. Of course you are. But aren’t these still just excuses, illusions we create to mask the real reasons we’d rather watch TV than do something to improve our own lives?
Have you ever heard someone making one of these excuses about eating healthy or exercising? Perhaps you’ve even thrown out an excuse a time or two, yourself. Excuses are the language of the unmotivated.
It’s almost impossible to find someone offering health and fitness advice that doesn’t insist effort is the missing piece of the equation. If you’ve watched The Biggest Loser you might even think you need a drill sergeant as well: You want to be thin and healthy? Drop and give me 50. It is true that we make excuses when our actions fall short of our goals.
The problem is that we’ve been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. We’re relying on brute force to deprive ourselves of things we need and love. You aren’t too lazy or weak, you’ve just been given a method that doesn’t actually work in the long-term.
When you drop the excuses, you can once again prioritize your health. There is no doubt that getting healthy will require some extra effort. But unlike with restrictive dieting, the effort you invest won’t be wasted.
Don’t get down on yourself, we are all guilty of making excuses from time to time. You can turn that excuse into action.
Find the things that work for you and incorporate small changes into your daily life until those changes become a habit.
As in any meaningful journey, the most difficult part is getting started. Once healthy habits take root, the difficulty and discomfort dissipate and are ultimately replaced by familiarity and contentment. Your effort will be rewarded with results, health will stop feeling like a chore, and your excuses will disappear. Yes, you really do have time to eat better and exercise.


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