Detox Water

I came across Lemon Detox Water recipe  recently and thought it sounded interesting, but immediately brushed it aside. It became clear that this is not a typical cleanse.  You drink this water in addition to eating normally. The water is intended to help remove toxins from the body and shed excess water weight. 
I decided to give it a try the lemon mint water ritual last week. A lemon can pack a powerful punch with some amazing benefits. It balances PH, keeps your skin clear and glowing, it kick starts your digestive system, helps with weight loss, and helps to control your coffee habit. Lemon is also a natural energizer, it hydrates, it detoxifies, and it oxygenates the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed!


Benefits of lemon mint water in your everyday diet are: 
  1. Weight Loss?  Lemons are said to curb hunger pangs thereby reducing trips to the fridge and pantry between meals.
  2. Digestive benefits, lemons help flush out toxins and impurities from our system. Say goodbye to constant heartburn and indigestion.
  3. Bloating Begone – Both lemons and cucumbers are diuretic, so your body does not retain excessive water making you feel less bloated. Cucumbers are also very high in fibre, which again helps the flushing out process as explained in point 2.
  4. Get the Glow -Who doesn’t want flawless skin?  Drink the magic potion, your skin will go all clear, fresh and radiant. I promise.


Negatives: Reasons why this diet won’t work in the long term
  1. It’s a crash diet or semi-fast. It’s too low for more than a couple of days. You exist on a very low intake of just the Lemon Detox drink which is around half of what you should be eating on a standard diet plan of 1200 calories for women. Once you return to your normal diet, you’ll put the weight back on.
  2. It’s nutritionally deficient and unbalanced. You’ll be short on protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre. While the lack of vitamins and minerals won’t do any harm to a healthy person for a few days, it’s not something I’d recommend. Yes, you should take a vitamin and mineral supplement.
  3. It teaches you nothing about making healthy meals for life – it doesn’t teach you about the right foods to eat – and you’ll have to start eating again at some point.
  4. You are too weak to exercise which is a key element of weight loss maintenance.
The bottom line: If you want a detox that works, you can create one at home for yourself much more cheaply and healthily by cutting out  highly processed foods, fatty foods and living on salads, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and water. Oh, and the odd lemon.



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