SUNRISE "A" Mountain Hayden Butte


If you’re ever in Tempe, hiking to the ASU “A” Mountain at Hayden Butte is something you should cross off your list of local things to do. The trail starts at the Hayden Flour Mill. It’s a short, fairly steep walk along a mostly paved trail. There are some cool views of Tempe from the top of the butte.

Short but steep with a lot of stairs. I have seen many people train! Running up and down and then back up. It’s perfect for working those glutes (ladies)!!!
If you’re looking for a relatively quick and easy hike in Tempe, this would suit you well. Like I have mentioned the steep paved grade for the first third with switchbacks taking you to the summit. Generally takes 15-20 max to reach the summit. Enjoy!




Time to start off fresh: Spring!


Spring is finally here! As the days lighten and the air freshens, we feel a new spring in our step and often new motivation for healthy activities, especially outdoor activities.  Now is the perfect time to start off fresh! By eating healthier and exercising regularly, you will be better equipped to deal with the pressures.

Here are some tip points how to create a healthy plate of foods:
  •  Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables
  •  Drink either fat-free or 1% milk; make water your other beverage of choice
  •  Watch your portion sizes—since half of your plate should be filled with fruits and veggies, the other half should be filled with grains and protein.
  •  Compare the amount of sodium in different food products if possible, and choose ones with lower numbers
  •  Add variety to food choices! Try different kinds of meat and meat substitutes and make colorful food choices for each meal
Whether you’re just trying to eat healthier or lose a few pounds, fruits and veggies are critical to a healthy diet. Not only are these delicious foods full of vitamins and minerals to help our bodies do what they’re supposed to, but they can help fill us up. The combination of fiber and water will help you feel full, long after you’ve devoured it.
Make it a goal to add more fruits and veggies as part of your diet and I guarantee you’ll be feeling better sooner rather than later!
Regular physical exercise is just as important as eating healthy. For maximum health benefits, health professionals encourage you to exercise at a medium to high intensity for at least thirty minutes daily. Anything that gets your heart rate high is a good form of exercise. Try to keep your exercises entertaining and new. Thirty minutes of exercise a day is recommended for cardiovascular health, sixty minutes for weight maintenance, and sixty to ninety minutes for weight loss.


 Old habits are hard to break, but it is best to begin a new routine when you are relaxed and stress free, so, now is the perfect time! Break those old habits before you start getting stressed to help your body and mind become stronger!

                   HAPPY SPRING!