Healthy Food Trends of 2014


Now it’s out with the old and in with the new! Here are some of the new food trends expected to appear in 2014.

1.      Cauliflower is the Next Kale:  Cauliflower is taking a page from the kale playbook and stepping up its game.
2.      The kale, and coconut oil continues they’re unarguably two of the hottest superfoods. Coconut oil–rich in plant-based saturated fat–will remain wildly popular among dietary fat fanatics.
3.      Chia seeds is the newest superfood fad, but they’ve been around for centuries. It’s no wonder: they deliver as much protein as some nuts as well as heart-healthy alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based omega-3 fat. Per tablespoon, chia delivers 2 grams protein, 4 grams fiber and 1.75 grams ALA.
4.      Ancient grains are “in” again. They’re back and nutritionally superior than many modern-day, refined grains. Some to check out this year include quinoa, wheat berries, and millet.


5.      Expect to eat less ice cream, house-made ice cream, flatbreads, sliders and sweet potato fries. The Greek yogurt trend has slowed down, but looks for protein to be featured in other dairy products.
6.      Another trend that will continue to grow is super foods. Dark greens, Brussels sprouts, and fermented foods are predicted to top the list. Gluten-free foods will also keep going strong, so look for more offerings in the noodle aisle of your grocery store.
7.      Fruits and veggies first. Eating more servings of fruits and veggies was ranked the most important diet tweak to improve overall health this year. I’d be surprised if this were any different than last year, but I certainly agree!
8.      The local food movement will continue to grow and will expand to include home- and restaurant-grown foods. Food origins will be more prominently displayed on packages and restaurant menus.

Clean Eating – Every year a new way of eating healthy becomes trendy, and this year I’m thrilled to hear that it’s clean eating! Clean eating is all about eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds and less processed foods, sugar and salt. This has been my eating philosophy for last year so here’s to hoping it sticks around beyond 2014!

Detox Diary: My 3-Day Juice Cleanse Part 2

Day 2:
  •   On day 2, I woke up before my alarm even went off feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated. I was excited to start my day with the green juice.
  •   I figured out how to space out my juices perfectly. I learned from day 1 that I should drink one juice every 2 hours in order to have my last one finished 2 hours before I went to sleep. I enjoyed the taste of the fruits and veggies even more on the second day. I also noticed that my taste buds were more in-tune to the flavors that popped out in the different juices.
  •    By 2pm, I started to crave solid food. I was working on a projects, I would NOT recommend going on any food blogs (or Pinterest) when you are cleansing. It was torture! The magic feelings I had been experiencing from the cleanse suddenly disappeared and I realized I was starving. But was it enough to make me break my fast…? I grabbed my root veggie juice and by the time I finished it, my cravings had passed and I did my best to focus on anything but food.
  •  When 5pm rolled around, I felt hungry again. I was noticing food all around me—restaurant advertisements, food photos on billboards on my drive home. But I had come too far…I was almost done! I made sure to get to bed early in hopes that sleep would cure my solid food cravings.

  Day 3:

  • I woke up on day 3 feeling rested and unaware of the hunger pangs I experienced the night before. My skin was glowing, my eyes were sparkling, and I felt light and lean. I was excited about having my green juice for breakfast and I couldn’t believe I was already on my last day of the cleanse…24 hours to go.
  • The day went by quickly and I felt so good that I almost extended my cleanse for another 2 days. My energy was good and my body had learned how to regulate energy levels while juicing. That evening, I had no late-night cravings and I felt satisfied by my evening juices.

Post Cleanse:

I felt so good after I completed my cleanse, and I even continued to drink juices in the morning for a few days afterwards. I stuck to a vegan diet for the 3 days after finishing the cleanse and eventually went back to my regular, healthy diet. But I definitely felt cleaner and gained a sense of accomplishment.

Pros & Cons: Now that you’ve read my detox diary, here are some of the good and bad things I learned from my cleanse.

v  Cons:

  •    Cleanses are a bit pricey. If you are trying to pinch your pennies one month, it might not be the time to splurge on a cleanse, which can range anywhere from $45 per day to $50 per day. Instead, look into buying your produce from local farmer’s markets and juicing yourself!

  •  Bottled juice cleanses like the one I tried have a ton of sugar in them, according to Everyday Health, Even though fresh fruit juice is natural, it will still send your energy levels on an insulin rollercoaster. This is why I crashed in the late afternoon! Having a protein drink like my almond milk will help regulate your blood sugar, but it is still not healthy to have this much sugar.

  •   Working out is difficult. I couldn’t get my cardio fix because I didn’t have enough energy to do my regular workouts.
  •  Cleansing is not a solution for long-term weight loss. If you are looking to shed a few pounds permanently, then a juice cleanse is not the answer. Drinking juice all day might help you to lose some water weight, but you might gain those pounds back post-cleanse when your body starts retaining calories from solid food again. Instead, do fitness + meal plans.

v  Pros:

  •  I’ve never felt so hydrated! When I wasn’t drinking one of my juices, I was drinking a ton of water. I made a goal to finish a 1.5 liter bottle of water each day in order to feel full and flush out any extra toxins. This probably has a lot to do with the glow I saw in my skin on the third day.
  • Cleansing gives your body a rest from digestion, according to Livestrong. Our bodies are used to breaking down and digesting food all day, every day, for years and years. So once in a while, it’s nice to give your body a break by only consuming nutrient-rich fluids. Especially if you are a junk food junkie, a cleanse will help reset your system and flush out tons of toxins. (Just make sure to eat mostly vegan in the days leading up to your cleanse or else you might be in for a pretty harsh change.)
  • Because most bottled, juice cleanses use fruit juice along with vegetable juice, I found that I wanted nothing to do with sweets when I finished day 3 of my cleanse. My sugar cravings were gone!
  • One of the biggest benefits I found from completing my cleanse was that it motivated me to stay on a healthy path for weeks afterward. Mentally, I was so rejuvenated by the 3 days I spent cleansing that the last thing I wanted to do was throw it all away. I continued to replace my morning coffee with green juices, and I noticed major negative side effects whenever I ate something unhealthy.

Overall, my juice cleanse was a positive experience for me and I plan on trying one again sometime soon. I think that cleansing for 3 days is plenty of time—I would not suggest doing a longer cleanse because, according to Women’s Health, your body goes into starvation mode after about 4 days. The next time I cleanse, I plan on going to a gentle yoga class to sweat out additional toxins. But enough about me! Let’s hear what you have to say. Send me your questions or stories, reviews, and experiences at

Detox Diary: My 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Hi guys, Happy New year (better late than never),

Lately, I been little workaholic and have no time for myself! I’ve just been extra busy over the past month & half with work, death in the family, side projects, flu… etc.
Yesterday I started the 3 day juice detox to increase my energy and aids digestion. I’m focusing on boosting my energy, immune system, stimulating and detoxing my organs. It will be body cleansing rather than a weight loss.

Throughout the cleansing process, I’ll document what I’m feeling and going through just so I could share my experience with all of you.

Day 1:

● Woke up at 6am and started the day with a greens-based juice,  kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, parsley, lemon and apple. Amazing combo! This gave me tons of energy and I didn’t even miss my cup of coffee.
 Afraid of feeling exhausted during the day, so I didn’t want to work out. I decided that taking a brisk walk was a nice cardio substitute.

● 2pm, my energy levels were starting to crash a bit and I felt like I needed something with protein. Luckily my next juice had mix of figs, vanilla bean, and almonds. The protein from this almond milk was filling and it gave me the boost that I needed to get through the rest of the day.

 ●By about 5pm, I felt pretty darn good. My eyesight was clearer and I felt really proud of myself for not succumbing to cupcakes.

●I kept busy at night. After doing laundry, and a little late-night reading for a bit, it was already time for bed. I made sure to finish my last juice 2 hours before I settled in for bed so that I would sleep through the night with no disturbances. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and drifted off into a very deep sleep

Pre Cleanse tips:
● Before starting the cleanse. It’s best to eat a mostly vegan diet for three days before the cleanse, as well as the three days afterwards. So the body doesn’t go into extreme shock when you start to feed it only juices.

● Stocked up on fruits and veggies, vegetable soup,  and even picked up some green juices to get  palette accustomed to the taste. I weaned myself off of my morning coffee and opted for green tea instead.
●I made sure to get 8 hours of sleep the night before I started my cleanse so I wouldn’t feel tired or groggy. That way, my coffee cravings wouldn’t creep up on me on the very first day.

To Be Continued