Fall Fitness Tips

EID MUBARAK !  Hope everyone had an amazing and blessed Eid with love ones!

 Fall Fitness Tips:

Let’s face it many holiday traditions seem to center on food, it can be difficult to get through the holiday season without feeling as stuffed. And with the days growing shorter and the weather turning colder, it’s getting harder and harder to keep up good exercise habits. Here are tips to help keep you active and feeling fit during fall & winter.

Plan events – Take advantage of the walk for awareness that’s going on this season breast Cancer, Autism, American Lung Association… etc you’re not only walking to support a good cause but also benefit to your health.

Enjoy the scenery – Biking, hiking and jogging outdoors are great during the fall and will allow you to enjoy the weather before winter hits. Just remember to dress in layers and wear reflective clothing, as it gets cold and dark early.

Hit the gym – To supplement your outdoor activity, consider going to the gym. Alternating between outdoor and indoor exercise will keep your workout fresh and, if you live in a colder climate, prepare you for a winter of indoor exercise.

Make exercise social – The best way to stick to your workout is to find a buddy with similar workout goals. You can motivate each other, whether indoors or out.




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