Fall Veggie Salad


During the summer and spring months, generally my cravings lean more towards the lighter and brighter side of things, for things like salads, rice and anything grilled. When September hits and the fall weather starts kicking in, I start moving towards warm soups, oatmeal, everything pumpkin and of course all of those lovely fall vegetables!

Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, asparagus and pear!
Ok, so pears aren’t a vegetable, but they’re a fall fruit, and who’s counting anyways? I currently have a ton of pears in our house right now, because not only are they way cheaper than apples but they’re actually amazing,  yummy tasting.

Anyways, last night I chopped all this stuff up and ended up with something that looked this:


Throw in some onion and toss it all in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary! It’s the perfect fall dish. It takes about 45min to roast, but it’s well worth the wait, and during that time you can prepare the rest of your meal, do homework, do a mini at-home workout…. The possibilities are endless!

It can be a main dish with some feta cheese crumbled on top or a side dish at your dinner, just a regular meal at home!

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