Fall is in the air! Fall is finally starting to move in.  In fact, this week I saw a lot people wearing a long-sleeve shirt since the spring! , Good bye, summer!
But as sad as I am to say farewell to the warm temperatures and long sunny days, not everything about the coming of fall is bad!  I actually have many things to be excited about my favorite season. (Come winter, though, I’ll be singing a different tune!)
Fall is great for a number of reasons: Pumpkins and Squash are suuuper cheap! Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte! And of course who doesn’t love the satisfying crunch of leaves under your feet?
This is also the time of year when many of us are heading back to school, or at least settling back into a more consistent routine, which makes it the perfect time to begin some good new habits!  Think of it as an early new-year’s resolution
For me, since I’m not in school and it just work. The only thing that changes is regimented workout routine. Fall I work out at 6:00 am, which I actually like because I no longer have to think about scheduling workouts in- that part’s already done for me! 
The big change I notice this time of year is meal patterns.  More specifically, planning and making meals has to be much more pre-planned.  This holds true particularly on Monday- Friday, when it’s long work week.  That means that I have to pack a health lunch along with some snacks.
My new routine is to prep lunch at night so I’m not running around in the morning. Yes, I could just eat out, but it’s so expensive, and usually not as healthy as what I could make at home and as delicious 🙂 
My workout/ Gym tips: All gyms are not created equal. Choosing a gym that’s right for you
Match your goals:
·    A gym that specializes in lots of muscle sculpting equipment isn’t going to help much if you are trying to lose weight and start a cardio program.

 Before signing a contract, seriously consider your fitness goals and what services you need to achieve them.

Location, money, time:
The best gyms in the world aren’t going to help you if they are too out-of-the-way for to you to travel to them regularly. Find a gym that is both convenient and affordable for you will go a long way towards helping you meet your fitness goals.
Shop around—Take advantage of day passes and what each gym has to offer before making a final decision.

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