I love yoga workouts! Always makes me feel great. Yoga has been my best friend for long time. I am not anti-gym, but yoga has works for me on every level. It’s different & challenging whether it’s balance poses sequentially on the same foot, Or seeking relaxation, hang out in pigeon, a few seated and a restorative backbend.

Before my class, I expected yoga class to be easy; I was wrong. Yoga is challenging, and it requires concentration and motivation. Controlling my breathing and remembering all the details of every new pose were intimidating at first. One of my greatest challenges was trying every pose and not giving up when I couldn’t complete it right away. The positions in Yoga take time to achieve and you have to be patient. Disciplining my body, I have also tried to control my eating habits. Eating healthy is difficult, especially when you are a busy college student and work full time. In college my regular diet consisted of bagels, noodle, Chinese carry-out, Chipotle burritos, iced tea… etc.  

Now I Practice Yoga at least two times a week. Lately I have hard time going to my yoga class because my hectic work schedule. So since equipment is not necessary I just do it at home with the help of YouTube videos and inspirational yoga dvds.  Also I have been eating out less and stocking up on healthier foods so I can prepare healthy meals at home. I eat plenty of organic baby spinach leaves, salads, fruit, lean protein, and I drink as much water as I can every day and limit my sweets and processed junk foods. I don’t feel tired in the mornings as I use to in college, my energy has increased, and my skin looks healthier. The effects are real and worth the effort.

 I plan on continuing this regimen and recommending Yoga to my family and friends. But Yoga might not work for everyone. We’re all different and enjoy different things. My best advices find fitness activities you love and do it for 30 minutes.

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

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