I’m huge fan of Farmer’s Market! For it’s organic fruits and vegetables and a taste of the local vibe, hit this oh-so-colorful farmers market. This past Saturday I had the chance to go to the market as soon as it was opens at 8. I was there at 8 am and the market was already fully in motion and crowded with the diverse, produce-seeking.
Before I became fan of  farms market, I assumed the vendors would try to rip me off or sell me sub-par quality products; I figured they would assume it didn’t know the difference. However, it was just the opposite. I did not feel like I was being taken advantage of, and I was surprised to see most of the food, and snacks were good to excellent quality. 
I alway buy a lot seasonal produce that won’t break my bank. Buying produce that is in season, the food won’t need to be shipped in from far away places, and that decrease in travel time is reflected in your lower food bill. All produce found at farmer’s markets is sure to be in season.
My Helpful Tips:
1.Bring your own bag or baskets.  
2.Bring cash.  While more and more vendors have a mobile app like “Square” to be able to accept charge purchases, many still do not.
3. Know what’s in season. Foods grown locally and picked in peak season are much tastier than foods that travel 1,500 miles.
 4.Ask questions. Farmers can offer helpful tips for preparation of the foods they sell
 5.Try new things.  Many farmer vendors offer heirloom varieties of produce, most of which have disappeared from the grocery stores with the industrialization of food.  Rainbow carrots, watermelon radishes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Romanesco cauliflower, and many others
6. It’s okay to pick produce that looks less than perfect. USDA Organic and Certified Sustainable foods are often not as perfect-looking as foods that are grown industrially.  Don’t be afraid of a spot on your apple, or a dent on your peach. Perfect is not always the tastiest – and you may get a discount.
7.Find more than produce.  vendors sell honey, eggs, breads, pastries, jellies, jams, grass-fed beef and more, all produced locally.  Supporting these small, local business strengthens the local economy. 
8.Become an informed, conscious and conscientious consumer of food.

Remember to make going to the farmer’s market part of your schedule. Supporting sustainable local agriculture is an incredible investment that can benefit your health, your local community, and the environment. Call that a win-win-win!!

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